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so that your baby’s birth day can be the best day of your life

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Are you nervous about your upcoming birth? Wondering how your partner is going to support you in labor? Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’re looking to do things differently this time around, I’m here to help.

I give parents-to-be the tools they need to feel confident and prepared to welcome their baby into the world.

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A doula is basically your secret weapon to go from surviving to thriving in pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.

Currently not available to attend births as I am on maternity leave.

Please feel free to check out my birth classes!

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This St Petersburg doula teaches you the hands-on tools needed to shorten your labor and make it as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

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I’m Jessica Olarte-Thompson, and I love to help expectant families in St. Petersburg feel supported and educated about their options so they can rock their birth and enter parenthood with confidence!

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