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Is a doula the same thing as a midwife?
The short answer is: nope!

A midwife is a medical healthcare provider (HCP) who specializes in low-risk pregnancies and births. Like an OB-GYN, you see them periodically throughout your pregnancy to check on your well-being, as well as your baby’s.

Doulas work alongside HCPs and provide non-medical support (assist you with positioning, massage your lower back, help you stay calm and relaxed, etc.) throughout your labor.

Does a doula take the place of my partner or spouse?

Heck no. As a doula, I know that your partner has the one thing that no one else has: unimaginable love for you and your baby. However, your partner may not know much about how to support someone in labor. I help encourage and guide them to be involved and helpful so we can all work as a team to help bring your baby into the world.

How many births do you attend per month?
I only take one doula client per month, so space is very limited!

Do you support medicated births and/or c-section births?
I’m here to support your unique birth goals, whether medicated, unmedicated, at home, at a birth center, or in the hospital.

In fact, I can help you have an easier, faster labor even if you get an epidural and also achieve a more positive surgical birth, should you get a c-section.

Do you accept discounts or payment plans?
Not at this time.

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